Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Kardiologie
Société Suisse de Cardiologie
Società Svizzera di Cardiologia

Tour de Coeur 2012: Benefizaktion im Namen der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Kardiologie zugunsten der Schweizer Herzstiftung: Mit dem Rad von Bern nach Paris an den Europäischen Kardiologie-Kongress

"Tour de Coeur - Cycling for prevention"


Swiss cardiovascular specialists went for a bicycle ride from Bern to Paris to inform about cardiovascular disease prevention and to collect money to promote cardiovascular research.

Professor Hans Rickli, president of the Swiss Society of Cardiology, initiated the event and 30 cardiovascular specialists followed him on a 6 day journey from the Swiss capital over the Jura mountains to the ESC congress in Paris. Stages of 90 to 150 km with ascents of up to 1,800 m were the challenge for the team. Participants performed a cardiovascular check-up and received training recommendations from the Swiss Cycling Association prior to the event. Every day a cardiovascular topic was discussed and published on the events website 250,000 CHF were collected in cooperation with the Swiss Heart Foundation to promote cardiovascular research. For all participants the tour was a great sportive and social experience - not affected by some flat tires and a few heavy rain showers.